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You're a famous tank commander! After a tough victory what do you and your crew drink?
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22. [69rod69]   (10/12/10 4:01 PM) E-mail
Hi !

Very good site ! BIG GOOD JOB HERE !

I represent WOTF (World of tanks France community, ) and we would like to see with you any possibilty to upload all your skins on our website!


you can contact me here :

Rodolphe Anton, WOTF,


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21. NorwegianSF   (28/11/10 2:04 PM)
Could you add the entire database of skins as a .zip file we can download pls?
Answer: -4Ridley
The total file size would be 1.8gig.

Due to limitations with "ucoz" (the hosts) the max file size for a single file is around 150mb so i wouldnt be able to upload it as one 1800mb .zip file.

Also it would take a long time to re-dowload and upload all of the files since ucoz is pretty damm slow as a host (i wouldn't recommend them for this fact alone which is unfortunetly born from the benefit of hindsight!).

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20. GHostmooner   (21/11/10 6:27 PM) E-mail
hello guys! I love your tank skins alot, and would like to thank u all for the hard work u put into them! and would also like request more winter themed camo patterns for all tanks, and especial whitewash skins for the germans and russian tanks. winter is setting in outside, the weathers' getting frosty as hell and this year we're expecting above average snow levels this winter, and would like to have a atune my tanks to the season biggrin

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19. Portal about World of Tanks   (20/11/10 7:20 PM) E-mail
Hello, I would like to exchange with your site references to our resources.
The address of our site

If agree, here a code of our reference <А НREF="">Portal about World of Tanks</А>

After placing of ours сылки at you on a site write me your reference to my e-mail and I will place it with myself! My e-mail

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18. [BCTiger]   (19/11/10 8:04 PM)
only problem I see with your accusation is, well how to prove it (his doesn't have a time or date of when it was posted aswell he could of just made it himself and have never seen your post) aswell there are many other things. if it truely is your skin just edited guesss for now you can consider it flattery that sum1 liked your skin that much.

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17. NiKuTa   (19/11/10 12:19 PM) E-mail
I forgot say that is Tiger I skin

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16. NiKuTa   (19/11/10 12:06 PM) E-mail
Author: Strafbat
Description: Woodland Camo
File Size: 1.52mb

This skin is a plagiarism. Someone usurp my skin. He only change a side number and erase my 45 side number and put some logo.
THIS skin is my work, and I don't give anybody right to change my skin and publishing it. So I wont you delete this skin.

My topic with my skin -

Answer: -4Ridley
Skinfile removed and replaced with your version my apologies! smile

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15. Skeeder   (18/11/10 11:41 AM)
great site . Thanks for putting these all together, makes it so easy.

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14. [BCTiger]   (16/11/10 12:39 PM)
when he gets back i'm sure he'll start adding, but you know he does play WoT too and with this site rarely has time to play it aswell theres prolly a bunch of skins waiting to be uploaded. He'll be back soon.

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13. Horatio   (16/11/10 4:37 AM) E-mail
Wow still no american tank skins gonna see any anytime soon ?

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12. Avgi   (15/11/10 10:32 AM) E-mail
Author: Dante51
Description: Grey Camo + Decal
File Size: 1.66 mb

Only gray camo, without decal.Nice skin, fix plz.

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11. Horatio   (14/11/10 3:49 PM) E-mail
any chance of seeing american tank skins any time soon I'd love to have skins for my M4 and my M4A3E8

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10. Guest   (13/11/10 7:15 PM)
Can somebody make garage skin??

Ps:I Love this Site

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9. Mhthunder   (12/11/10 9:54 PM)
Hey m8,

Can you make Garage skins also?
hope to see a skin from you


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8. Wir   (02/11/10 6:15 PM)
Moar woodland camos!
U are awesome!

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