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You're a famous tank commander! After a tough victory what do you and your crew drink?
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 Author: Dante51
 Description: Desert Camo
File Size: 1.72 mb

 Author: ploMbir
 Description: Afrika Corp
File Size: 3.71 mb

 Author: Anakwaboe
 Description: Grey + Woodland Camo Net
File Size: 6.32 mb

 Author: Glad26
 Description: Woodland Camo
File Size: 3.10 mb

 Author: DanGreen
 Description: Desert Camo
File Size: 4.46 mb

 Author: Genevie & Dr_Nooooo
 Description: Arctic Camo
File Size: 4.03 mb

 Author: DanGreen
 Description: Woodland Camo + Camo Net
File Size: 5.12 mb

 Author: DanGreen
 Description: Arctic Camo
File Size: 2.23 mb

 Author: DanGreen
 Description: Woodland Camo v1
File Size: 4.24 mb

 Author: Anakwaboe
 Description: Grey + Desert Camo Net
File Size: 4.03 mb

 Author: Headnut
Description: Woodland Camo
File Size: 1.49 mb

 Author: Steinleer
 Description: Urban Camo
File Size: 1.22mb

 Author: Dr.Nooooo
 Description: Woodland Camo
File Size: 4.39 mb

 Author: Tomachin3
 Description: Woodland Camo
File Size: 2.98 mb
 Author: Kubana
 Description: Panzergrau Battleworn
File Size: 1.63 mb
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