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You're a famous tank commander! After a tough victory what do you and your crew drink?
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Due to real life commitments i will have to stop adding to the site as i don't feel i can keep up with workload as it is swallowing up what little is left of my free time . The site is paid up until the 17th of Dec so grab what you need before then.

There are other good skinning sites popping up all over the place so don't cry! I like the look of this one here-

I want to thank the skinners and users of the site i am grateful for your work and messages of support  and i look forward to blowing you up next time we meet! :)

Views: 1171 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 19/11/10 | Comments (0)

Ill be moving house shortly and my connection will be down for 5-7 days :(

When im back ill add the American tanks section and a few other tweaks to the site :)

Currently the total amount of skins on site is-

559! (1.8gig!)

Until then have fun and enjoy the fine work being produced by the WoT community!

Views: 1285 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 02/11/10 | Comments (0)

Alright lots more skins added since last news update. Total skins now stands at....


Im still crawling through the Russian forums (page 52/105) but when i get some more time i'll get to the end and be sure to add the rest here along with any new Euro skins that show up

Views: 1163 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 25/10/10 | Comments (0)

Another 64 skins added bringing the total to 275! nice :)

Happily ive cleared out Maniox's 40 page skin thread which was a monster and sore on the brain but 95% of the stuff from there i have recovered and is now sitting on the desktop ready for upload (40 in total).
The rest was either pure shite or the links weren't working due to inactivity or just plain broken which is a shame because theres a few nice ones i couldn't get for you :(

Anyways.... Ill be back!

Oh no he didn't ><

Views: 1453 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 20/10/10 | Comments (0)

65 skins added today brining the total up to 211 woohoo!

(still missing lots though but im gettting to it!)

Site is now pay per month as the measly 400mb capacity has been reached and breached sooo............

I will accept all forms of Gold Bullion and Class A drugs to help pay for upkeep lol 


Views: 1161 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 19/10/10 | Comments (0)

Phew busy day! 82 skins uploaded today brining the total to:-

147! thats more like it!

Ill get the SPG's sorted next and some more Russian light tanks when im back on later today

Good luck out there!

The Dude abides!

Views: 1208 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 18/10/10 | Comments (0)

Added alot more skins today mainly medium tanks and some heavies

Total skins now stands at - 65!

I have another 30 odd skins sitting on the desktop waiting to be added and alot more where they came from, phew im burnt out think its time for pizza and bed

Views: 1200 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 17/10/10 | Comments (0)

Soooooo i've got the layout fixed and some of the other rough edges fine tuned to the best of my ability now its time to start loading the site with skins!. 
Ive started on the light tanks and theres a nice selection of leopard skins so far and a few other light tank skins too. It wont take long to get skins added for the larger tanks.
Although its proving more than irritating trawling through the Russian sites "Visit our sponsor first before you can download". Which is one of the main reasons i started this site in the first place (Even though i havent a clue what im doing most of the time!)
But i've started something and i mean to carry on!

Total amount of skins stands at - 27 not a bad start but still seriously lacking

Heres a picture of a stoat in the meantime
Views: 1273 | Added by: 4Ridley | Date: 16/10/10 | Comments (0)

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