5:34 PM
I have some american skins and i would like to put them here
2:54 PM
please change the signs on all U.S. and German tanks on the red star
1:03 AM
They need to put an american section on here :\
10:19 PM
Russian data downloaded
8:41 PM
Yes happy that skin replaces the default game skin and all tanks of the same type will display the skin.
5:35 PM
if you download skins will they appear on the same allied tanks?
6:06 AM
Holy shi I love the Arctic Camo on the IS-7 it looks so fu..ing gorgeous! Thanks so very much for the nice work! Have a good day
9:58 AM
Thank you for the great work on the site
11:46 PM
Thanks for the site mate, was bloody handy
9:01 PM
THX and Good Luck!
7:04 PM
Thanks for the work :)
3:33 AM
German Data has been downloaded and catagorized. Will start the Russian data tomorrow.
4:15 AM
I will be downloading the database and installing it on www.skyre.net
10:39 AM
говноедам виднее
8:41 PM
На юкозе нормальный? По шаблону можно Мону Лизу нарисовать. Сайт полнейшее говнище.
2:50 PM
7:47 PM
guys can you get/make more S-51 skins plssssssssssssss? biggrin
5:45 PM
Сайт говнище.
10:46 AM
nice place to download skin thx
9:48 PM
Hey ridley, can u plaese take off the annoying chat box code thing?
9:40 PM
EDIT: found the t-34 skin it's really nice ;-)
5:56 PM
I do not speak English, but I often download from your skin needs! I really appreciate it. Good luck! Friends!
6:57 PM
thx for all the great skins ridley
4:46 PM
Can't u maybe find some help with the site to take off some of the load of dealing with it?
3:28 PM
@Kubana: Could you please make a battleworm skin for the T-34 (as it exists already for T-43 e.g.)? Would be great thank you :-)
10:56 PM
Thanks for everything, 4Ridley. Class site and your efforts are/were appreciated.
7:00 PM
I concur, THANKS SO MUCH! GL with your real life.
1:21 PM
I hate to see you leave, but of course Real Life comes first. Thank you very much for your site, I enjoyed it very much :)
10:36 PM
Sad to hear you leave this.
It was such a great site.
Hope you can get it back some day.
Have fun with the rest you're gonna do mate.
9:20 PM
American skins please.......
5:01 PM
Just focus on the skins instead of th design of the page, it is fine as it is. We re all waiting or the US tank skins!!
12:46 PM
Can someone do a cool woodland/desert skin for the American T32
11:08 AM
Hi, thanks for this great database. I am looking for mor skins for BT-2.
8:54 PM
No I won't add you.
8:42 PM
Can you add me? my ingame name is awesomeandwillpwnu
8:04 PM
glad to see ya back m8 !

keep the good work on the best skin site !!!

5:33 PM
keep up the good work with the skins man but tbh i dont like the new layout sry keep it simple and clean imo but again keep up the good work ;)
1:46 PM
Hi ridley looks nice with the tracks on side....
9:40 AM
Will you just get on with uploading the skins already?
I need that JagdPanzerIV skin I requested.
11:56 PM
-Tigershuffle Yep ill add a section at some point down the line but at the moment this new menu has been kicking my arse for 8 hours
11:26 PM
any chance u can host some of the 'templates'? gives novice skinners a headstart smile
8:55 PM
Nice really nice site
thx for that you exist
5:52 PM
Ive finally got a nice menu sorted (i think). Itll take a while to get it all rewritten + added but once its up i can add the US tanks
10:28 AM
The site looks nice.
Good work.
2:55 AM
It would be wonderful to have a download pack of the default dds files so people who forgot to back them up can restore them.
11:52 PM
I was wondering if it would help people if we had a section for skins with just the overlay of the items erased out for starter skins to work from. would avoid every1 starting scratch with every tank
11:42 PM
like the look, would really like to see entire tank list by clicking on nation though. Rather than getting sent to blank page.
11:29 PM
looks really nice, dunno bout the russian style font tho, some parts are kinda hard to "decode"
11:23 PM
Phew! site graphics updated without a hitch! what do you think? think ill go shoot some tanks before i get stuck into the US tank section! Enjoy!
11:13 PM
don't forget to play a bit of WoT though, Ridley wink