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You're a famous tank commander! After a tough victory what do you and your crew drink?
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7. Xatik   (30/10/10 11:24 AM)
Really good site.
I'm from Ukraine, so I speak russian, but its not a problem when I see all this amount of skins :)))
Tank you =)

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6. Lorddarthvik   (29/10/10 12:19 PM)
A huge Tank You for collecting and sharing all these skins! Finally I don´t have to paint all my tanks by myself smile


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5. SauerKRAUT   (27/10/10 4:48 PM) E-mail
I love dan green's and kubina's skins keep it up! especially the battleworn ones add character to otherwise bland tanks

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4. steinbeigle   (24/10/10 6:32 AM)
This is the greatest thing to happen in WoT since......well, since ever. I appreciate your work and effort. Thanks, mate!!

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3. Chris88   (20/10/10 9:38 PM) E-mail
Wow,this is a grat work,.My big respect for you!

With best regards from Germany

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2. XQlusiveD   (19/10/10 2:51 AM) E-mail
Saw you posting link in General Chat and decided to have a look. It's great to find so many WoT skins under the same roof. Thank you for your time and effort to put up a nice and very accessible site with enough skins for everyone's desire!

Best of luck,

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1. Headnut   (17/10/10 10:18 AM) E-mail
I must say it again Ridley, very nice Idea and good work to make an Site like that Paradise for WoT Skinners etc....

Best Greetz Headnut happy

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