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You're a famous tank commander! After a tough victory what do you and your crew drink?
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Soooooo i've got the layout fixed and some of the other rough edges fine tuned to the best of my ability now its time to start loading the site with skins!. 
Ive started on the light tanks and theres a nice selection of leopard skins so far and a few other light tank skins too. It wont take long to get skins added for the larger tanks.
Although its proving more than irritating trawling through the Russian sites "Visit our sponsor first before you can download". Which is one of the main reasons i started this site in the first place (Even though i havent a clue what im doing most of the time!)
But i've started something and i mean to carry on!

Total amount of skins stands at - 27 not a bad start but still seriously lacking

Heres a picture of a stoat in the meantime
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